What Order Should You Apply Skin Care Products?

by Madeleine Borgersen

So you’ve got your army’s worth of skincare but now what? Do you put the sunscreen on first or the serum? Or what about that eye cream? Here’s your step by step routine to layering up that skincare!

What Order Should You Apply Skin Care Products?

If you’re boasting a multi-layered skincare regime you’re probably wondering in what order should you apply skin care products and if it really matters. I’m here to tell you it does.

A quick way to think about your skincare system is to go lightest to heaviest. Take a look at the consistency of what you’re dabbing on those cheeks and line them up in order of lightest (or most like water) to heaviest (most like ice cream). Note: I don’t recommend putting ice cream on your cheeks, such a waste!

1. Cleanse

Start off with a nice clean face. This ensures your products are going to be able to reach your gorgeous skin.

2. Tone

This will remove any remnants of dirt, oil or cleanser and tighten those pores.

3. Medications/Boosters

If you’re suffering from acne or using some anti-ageing boosters start with those first. These are made to work on clean skin and this will enable them to do their job.

4. Serum

As serums are highly potent you want them on before any heavy moisturisers. This will allow the serums to seep into the layers of your skin and not be blocked out by the barrier your moisturiser will form.

You can use multiple serums just let each have a little space to sink into the skin before applying the next!

5. Sunscreen

SPF up! It’s best to place sunscreen on before moisturiser. This allows it to form a UV tight grid of protection across your skin and also means you’re going to apply it at least 20 minutes before heading out (meaning it can actually do it’s job!)

6. Moisturise

Finish off the skincare with moisturising. Start with your face and neck (don’t forget the neck!) and then apply an eye cream with your ring finger. The ring finger applies the least pressure and so is perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes. Slap on some lip balm if it’s dry/cold out too!

Now of course, not everyone (hardly anyone!) is going to use all of these steps in their skincare. Everyone’s different and has different skin concerns. We’ve covered each step here so just pick out the one’s you’re using and get applying!

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