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The BookLook: Pretty Honest

by Madeleine Borgersen

Pretty Honest is the go-to girlfriend that will tell you that foundation looks terrible and what threading your eyebrows really means. All in a super loving, gorgeously designed little book.

The BookLook: Pretty Honest

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes is the perfect mix of coffee table meets wikipedia of all things beauty.

A journalist and broadcaster, the Guardian’s beauty editor, Sali Hughes, with over twenty years of experience in the realm of beauty in skincare has shared her secrets with the world.

With chapters on skincare, foundation, perfume, acne, red lippie and motherhood, Sali’s Pretty Honest takes you through and explains in the simplest of terms the real power of makeup.

Aimed at any girl of any age. Those that live in their full smokey eye or those that prefer a dab of concealer will all resonate with her no holds barred writing style.

Focused more so on tips and common sense over specific products it’s the perfect pick to hand to your niece or grandma, knowing that they’ll get something out of it no matter the size of their bathroom vanity.

A funny, honest and straightforward must-read for anyone looking for advice. Sali effortlessly sorts through the media hype and gives you what you need and why.


You can grab your own copy of Pretty Honest in hard cover, kindle or kindle for iPad from Amazon.

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