Brooklyn Hide Bagels

by Madeleine Borgersen

I was never a fan of bagels, that is until I went to New York. Since then I’ve lusted after them only to be dissappointed by the offerings over here. In steps Brooklyn Hide Bagels.

Brooklyn Hide Bagels

Brooklyn Hide Bagels is a god amongst bagels. Offering an extensive list of boiled bagel types with an even longer list of insides including their signature; braised pork shoulder, mclures dill pickles, baby spinach, apple jam or my pick of the day the hell’s kitchen; prosciutto, avocado, fetta, rocket, fresh lime.

There is also a daily soup, salad and pork hock lasagne (oh sweet lord!) for any non-bagel lovers, all two of you!

You can enjoy all of your sweet picks over a cup (or two!) of Little Marionette coffee and let the day roll by quite easily.

The staff are lovely and friendly and the ambience perfect for a catch up with good friends. Definitely going to be a weekend treat for us from now on and we’ll live in a constant state of jealousy over anyone close enough to make it their daily lunch haunt!

2 responses to “Brooklyn Hide Bagels”

  1. Angie says:

    These. look. AMAZING!! They need a Melbourne location immediately. Now I’m really hungry!