A Cheaper Cheese Plate

by Madeleine Borgersen
A Cheaper Cheese Plate

I don’t have a massive sweet tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I could chug down a tub of Maggie Beer’s Chocolate and Orange ice cream like nobody’s business but on the whole, I much prefer a cheese plate over a sweet dessert at the end of a good meal, or even as a meal.

Cheese plates can be quite expensive though, especially if you’re going out to buy artisan brie’s from your delicatessen.

While these are amazing for special occasions, the bank account is going to see a swift drop if you’re stocking up at Salts Meats Cheese every week.

So, on that note, here are my top supermarket finds for an awesome cheese plate!

1. Paris Creek Organic Soft Nuage Blanc Brie – $9.49

Also known as the Comic Sans cheese due to the very poor choice of typeface on the packaging, this is the best brie available at Woolies hands down. It’s soft and creamy and makes a mean cauliflower bake melted down with milk!

2. Blue Castello – $11.80

A milder blue, it’s again soft, creamy and utterly delicious. If I had to pick one cheese to have out of these selections, it’d be this one.

3. Mersey Valley Cheddar – $6.99

A great cheddar, it’s just as it says, sharp and crumbly. Amazing with apple slices and chutney!

Pair these babies with something sweet and some home-made lavosh or just store bought biscuits. Let your imagination run free! Quince/Fig/Date paste, Apple slices, Strawberries, Chutney, Dried Apricots.

Now I really want some cheese.

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