Rosso Antico The New Aperitivo

by Madeleine Borgersen

As someone with Italian heritage and parents that own restaurants I’ve been a fan of aperitifs since I could pronounce the word.

Rosso Antico The New Aperitivo

Popular in Europe, aperitifs are alcoholic beverages served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Some examples would be campari, vermouth, gin – even champagne which is a more popular choice over here.

If you’ve never been a huge aperitif consumer in the past, this newcomer might be just the ticket to change your ways.

Rosso Antico (Ancient Red in Italian) is a bitter-sweet drink that can be consumed straight, on the rocks or mixed to create a range of tasty cocktails.

Think mixing it with orange segments and tonic, or ginger beer and lime. It even plays nicely with your other favourites including vodka, gin and rum!