Small, Smart Changes To Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Yet

by Madeleine Borgersen

When January ticks around you can often be tempted to jump on the new year, new me bandwagon, promising to eat better, move more, remove your makeup every night and usually by two weeks in you’ve dropped the ball.

Small, Smart Changes To Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Image by Bjorn Iooss

We decided to be more realistic this year and chatted with nutritionist, Fiona Tuck about smart and small changes we can make to our everyday life that will make a big impact in the long run!

Swap Out Soft Drinks

If there’s one resolution you should make it’s to swap out the soft drink. Full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours they offer zero nutritional value and are better replaced with a nutrient rich smoothie or freshly squeezed juice.

Add a Vegetable or Fruit to Every Meal

Increase your nutrient and fibre intake easily by making sure every meal contains at least one fruit or veg. This will keep you fuller for longer meaning less unhealthy snacking.

Ditch Vegetable Oil

Swap easily oxidised, refined vegetable cooking oils which promote inflammation in the body with avocado oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Say So Long to Margarine Spreads

If it comes out of a plastic tub it means it is full of chemicals and not good for our bodies. Swap to natural healthy fats such as pure butter or mashed avocado which taste delicious and contain necessary fat soluble nutrients that are bodies need to stay healthy.

Make 20 Minutes Happen

You don’t have to train for a marathon everyday, set a goal for 20 minutes of activity each and every day to get into a life (and body!) changing routine. It may be a walk in nature, or a downloaded workout or yoga routine at home, just get moving. Exercise increases feel good endorphins, balances the hormones and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

About Fiona Tuck

Fiona Tuck, known as the ‘myth buster’ of the health industry, is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her in-depth knowledge and insight into future trends within the health industry has made her a sought-after expert for all things health and wellbeing.

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