Easter Treat: Hot Cross Buns

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ok so Easter has well and truly snuck up on me this year.

Easter Treat: Hot Cross Buns

While we’ll probably be working over the break (thanks to so many amazing clients!) I’ve found a little treat to make this time of year a bit more special.

I followed Donna Hay’s recipe for classic Hot Cross Buns. Because let’s face it, if anyone’s recipe is going to be spot on, it’s going to be Donna Hay’s.

In the past I’ve been a  bit nervous of baking my own but this year I decided to give it a go, worst case scenario I drop down to the supermarket and grab a 6-pack.

They were surprisingly more simple than I thought. They just, like all good things, take time, perfect for a rainy day like today.

Better still all the ingredients were things I already had in the pantry – flour, dried yeast, an egg, milk, butter, caster sugar, sultanas and powdered gelatine. Too easy!

Definitely give them a whirl if you get a chance, there’s honestly nothing better than a hot cross bun fresh out of the oven! As it’s completed in stages also it’s a perfect recipe for the kids to chime in on. (I would personally bags the piping step if I were them).

2 responses to “Easter Treat: Hot Cross Buns”

  1. donna hay is one of my favourite chefs! i even have her cookbooks!