The Grounds Offers Valet Parking

by Madeleine Borgersen
The Grounds Offers Valet Parking

The Grounds of Alexandria probably does the best brekkie in Sydney. I’ve only ever had the one breakfast meal (the brekkie board) but when it’s that good why stray?

We used to walk up almost every weekend when we lived in Erskineville and then take a walk in the park on the way home. Now we’re living driving distance away and it just makes it that much harder to swing ourselves over there. Not because we don’t want to but because of the parking.

Never fear! The Grounds angels have heard our prayers and they announced today on their Facebook page that from next Monday (10 March) they will be teaming with Full Service to offer valet parking.

I know, I know. It truly is a dream come true and for only $10 for 2 hours parking, or chuck in another $30 to have the car washed while you slurp down your chocolate milkshake (or coffee if you’re a normal adult), I’m thinking I know what my breakfast plans are from now on.

Image: The Grounds of Alexandria Facebook Page

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