The Top Veggies to Eat a Nutrient Rich Diet

by Madeleine Borgersen

Vegan? Paleo? Sugar, Gluten or Lactose-free, or if you’re like me, everything in moderation, our diet’s are super important to our wellbeing. No matter what diet you choose your nutrition doesn’t have to suffer, with these nutrient-packed veggies.

The Top Veggies to Eat a Nutrient Rich Diet

Whatever your chosen diet, it can be hard to consume all the nutrients we need to function at our bests. However, when it comes to picking your meals not all veggies are created equal. Filling those dishes with the best of that top tier of the food pyramid can get us on the road to optimum health.

Health and Fitness ambassador, Scott Gooding has given us the top veggies to eat for a nutrient rich diet full of everything you need for optimal health, without adding in dairy, meats or sugars (if you don’t want to!)

About Scott Gooding

Scott Gooding became a household name in 2013 when he shot to fame on Australia’s highest ratings TV show ‘My Kitchen Rules’. A health and fitness ambassador, who won over the nation with his healthy approach to tasty food, Scott strongly advocates the path to optimal health.

In addition to being a health coach, with a background in exercise science, Scott is also an author of six successful books under the Clean Living series released in Australia and the UK.

Scott continues to spread his message through his ambassador role with Nature’s Way, Santa Monica Tourism, his websites and various other platforms.

Scott is also co-owner of Paleo Foodies Online and the ambassador to Camp Quality, Redkite, Sir David Martin Foundation and Black Dog Institute.

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