Amp Up Your Vegies With The New Yummia Yoghurt Range

by Madeleine Borgersen

Yummia is bringing a much needed change to the yoghurt world adding more of your daily nutrients into an even more delicious package.

Amp Up Your Vegies With The New Yummia Yoghurt Range

Image from Yummia

With each ready to eat tub offering 1/2 a daily serve of vegetables and boasting a 5 star health rating they’re a no brainer for a delicious and easy snack.

Available in combination flavours like Strawberry & Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Cinnamon (my personal favourite!) and Apple & Carrot they’re available from Woolworths nationally as well as a range of independent grocers.

Once we tried the Yummia range we just had to pick the brain of their creator, 26-year-old entrepreneur Mia McCarthy to discover just how the delicious range came to be.

1. The combination of vegetables in a yoghurt is quite different. Delicious, but different! What was the inspiration to add veggies to your recipe?

Launching a new line of Yummia products had been on my mind for a while, but I was waiting for the right opportunity to launch the right product.

I noticed a gap in the Yoghurt market for products that had more than just a fruit offering, so I thought ‘why not add in some veggies!’ and here we are. Yoghurt is a booming FMCG category in Australia and I wanted to ensure that if I brought in a new product, it would be something completely new and nothing anyone had ever done before.

When I first started playing around with the idea, I wanted it to be a straight vegetable and yoghurt combination; however, I knew I wanted the product to be positioned as a sweeter snack product that was delicious to consume. That’s why I decided to add fruit into the combination, and I haven’t looked back!

2. The layers in your Yummia Yoghurt are so great. Was there a reason for introducing the layers to each flavour?

At Yummia, we use real fruit and vegetables in our products and wanted to come up with unique but delicious combinations that would also give us a familiar yoghurt texture and feel. We worked on a few different combinations and finally settled on mixing a bit of fruit and vegetable in the yoghurt up the top, with an added boost of veggies to be mixed in down the bottom – it also adds a beautiful colour and a little something special! We love the layering effect and the fact that it also keeps the yoghurt texture consistent, and that’s what we wanted to achieve.

3. The new Yummia Yoghurt range is such an easy way to add more vegetables to your diet without even thinking about it.  Do you have any other tricks to sneaking in some extra nutrition to your day?

That was an aim with the Yoghurts – we wanted to help consumers increase their vegetable intake without realising, or having to change their habits too much! It’s known that Australians often don’t reach the recommended daily vegetable intake, and I wanted to create an easy and delicious way for people to do this.

I’m personally really passionate about the health and wellbeing space, so naturally I became obsessed with my zucchini spiralizer. My sister brought it back for me from America and it’s such a great way to quickly spiral some zucchini and use it as a replacement instead of pasta or rice. I am seriously in love!

Thanks so much for the interview Mia! We love your new range of Yoghurt’s and as pasta lovers too are most definitely looking into a zucchini spiralizer!

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