Create Your Own Signature Scent at The Fragrance Lab

by Madeleine Borgersen

As a special promotional event for their Age of Style campaign, Castle Towers is hosting The Fragrance Lab where visitors are able to create their own signature scent with perfume maven Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room.

Create Your Own Signature Scent at The Fragrance Lab

The scent you wear defines you as much as the shoes on your feet. The final touch of your outfit, the perfect scent can boost your confidence and showcase your personality with one spritz.

Create your own unique, signature scent to match your personality at the RepreScent Fragrance Lab from now until Sunday September 26 on Level 3 of Castle Tower’s.

The free session takes you through the creation of your own fragrance. Building the scent from the base layers up. Samantha is a wealth of information aiding you in realising that perfect perfume, from a woody or oriental base through to floral, citrus or green top notes.

Building your own scent one drop at a time you are able to create a formula that perfectly identifies with your own style.

The Fragrance Lab is open until Sunday 26th September with sessions easily booked via the Castle Towers website.

2 responses to “Create Your Own Signature Scent at The Fragrance Lab”

  1. This looks so much fun and awesome to do! Did you have fun doing it? I can imagine all the smells being overwhelming!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    • It was so fantastic! Absolutely loved! I was lucky enough to nail my signature scent first time round (self-awareness much?) haha. It wasn’t overwhelming, quite relaxing actually! Haha Definitely recommend if you’re in the area! x