App of the Week:

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever wanted to just go shopping online and not had a clue where to start? gets rid of that problem allowing you to shop anything from anywhere all with a one-click checkout.

App of the Week: is basically like Pinterest without the cat photos and kids craft. It’s where you can collate or ‘keep’ products you find around the interwebs (with an easy to install browser shortcut) and then, with their latest update, you can shop your finds all at once.

Yep, you can buy that low-end lipstick alongside that Hermes handbag.

How does it work?

Like Pinterest you can browse products in your feed. These are a curated list of popular new finds. You can also add friends to follow their new likes and keeps and also like and keep products straight from popular instagrammers. All of your inspiration (and enabling!) is now in one place.

How can I purchase?

Basically works as a concierge (don’t we just feel a tad fancy!) Each time you checkout of their new 1-Checkout (it’s being released across accounts now). A human go-getter in the office basically goes around the sites that list the product you’ve purchased and completes the checkout process for you. Leaving you with a whole heap of time, and a whole lot less trouble.

It also means it’s now super easy to shop from your mobile. Some stores have caught onto the mobile train quickly but a whole heap are still not aware of it making it a really cumbersome task to buy that awesome new dress you’ve found. comes in desktop, iPad and iPhone form making it easy to collect and shop your favourite products from anywhere.

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