Cleverly Clean with Mr Black Garment Essentials

by Madeleine Borgersen

Mr Black Garment essentials, an Australian made and 100% natural range of laundry products are the perfect pick when it comes to taking care of that wardrobe.

Cleverly Clean with Mr Black Garment Essentials

So you’re a fashion fiend! Your wardrobe is your highest investment portfolio and you’re in love with each piece within it. It’s time to take care of it!

So long with harsh chemical laundry powders and hello to an all natural, Australian made and low damage solution to keeping those garments fresh!

Mr Black is a knight in well-pressed armour when it comes to all things laundry. Offering a range of non-toxic, luxury laundry products specifically targeted towards the different materials in your wardrobe.

Skip a full wash and prolong the life of your garments with their range of refreshing mists. Simply sprayed on to your jeans, jackets, dresses or shirts they kill any bacteria, neutralise odours and bring the garment back to it’s best. Perfect for delicate garments or in between washes!

The Mr Black range of regular machine laundry products are also delicate on the fabrics, enzyme-free and specifically designed for each type of fibre.

Mr Black covers everything in your wardrobe, from basic cottons, to linens, delicates, denim, leather, wool, cashmere and even active wear and sneakers.

The Mr Black range is available in over 70 locations Australia wide as well as online.

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