How To Detox Your Handbag

by Madeleine Borgersen

Shoulders aching from that brick you call a handbag? Looking to lighten the load for the new year? We’ve got just the tips to detox your handbag and still have everything you need!

How To Detox Your Handbag

1. Pour It All Out

We might think we know what’s in our handbags at all times, but do we really? Things accumulate in there and there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve found a missing lipstick (that I’ve probably repurchased fearing it was lost forever!) and a random pair of flats that I haven’t seen in seasons.

Tip the bag onto a big table and start organising your stash into sections. Some of the items you’ll immediately look at and think “Why is that even in here?” – they can go now!

Other’s might just need a tidy up – trashing of unneeded receipts and paper, loose coins returned to your wallet.

Once you have everything out and relatively tidy it’s time for our next tips.

16 responses to “How To Detox Your Handbag”

  1. I love big bags and am the queen of lugging around too much stuff. I went to a baby shower once and played a game where my bag weighed a whopping 8kg, yikes! The upside still lighter than two kids! Great tips Madeleine! Chantal, Seek Dare Love

  2. my bag has to get sorted weekly, i usually end up with an accumulation of kids snacks (in bags or wrapper, not free floating, eww) and small toys by the end of the weekend that must go before work. Thanks for reminder about that app, now have room in my purse for important things!
    Carmen | Paint Powder and Polish

  3. Fleur @ Our Urban Box says:

    My bag weighs a tonne! I recently put it away and have been using a tiny clutch. I am very interested in this StoCard app. Thanks for the tips. PS is there anything IFTTT can’t do? x

  4. sara delaney says:

    Genius! I’m sorting my hefty handbag out right now – thnx xx

  5. Great tips! I try to detox my bag every couple of weeks and I’m going to get on to IFTTT so I’m not carrying my brolly everywhere! Xo

  6. The Made Up Maiden says:

    I find it really helpful to detox my bag from time to time…otherwise I find that half my lipstick collection would have migrated in there!

  7. Sara says:

    My bag gets poured out by my boys daily. lol
    These tips are great I think a cull will be much more manageable. Great tips.
    x Sara

  8. Anna Jane says:

    Such good tips! xx //