Mighty Purse: Charge on the Go

by Madeleine Borgersen

The Mighty Purse combines two of my favourite things; fashion and tech. With an in-built battery pack and gorgeous style, it’s the true coupling of fashion and functionality.

Mighty Purse: Charge on the Go

So you’ve jumped on the bus or into the taxi ready to go to a meeting/day out shopping. You look down at your phone and there’s 10% battery left. F&*k.

Who knows, maybe the charger wasn’t actually switched on last night or all those notifications from that amazing breakfast you instagrammed has stolen all your juice. Luckily there’s something that will prevent this ever being a problem again. Enter the Mighty Purse.

The Mighty Purse by HandbagButler is the original purse phone charger.

Available from MoveStore the clutches come in a number of different designs to suit any taste.

They include three inner compartments;

  1. A zipped coin slot and credit card compartment,
  2. A hidden middle compartment that houses the rechargeable battery and USB adapter
  3. A third open compartment for your charging phone, lippie, mints, whatever!

What I particularly love about the Mighty Purse is the fact that it not only makes it practical to carry around a charging station for your phone (because we all know those battery pack cases are heavy and ugly as sin!) but it also offers a decent size battery in a relatively small space.

The Mighty Purse battery will charge an iPhone 5, three to four times over before having to recharge the battery pack itself. Yep, it’s not just a one-hit wonder! You can use the USB cable inside the middle zipped compartment to charge the purse back up ready for another week out.

The Mighty Purse comes with a mini-USB cable perfect for Android devices and also two adapters; both the newer and older adapters for iPhone/iPad.

The purse features an LED light on the inside that features a number of dots to let you know how much battery power the clutch has left, meaning you’ll never be left without a little extra juice.

Perfect for anyone that relies on their phone and is out on the go more often than not, the Mighty Purse is a must-have tech find!

The MightyPurse ranges in price from $99.95 to $199.95 depending on the material of the design you’d like!

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  1. sivi says:

    Amazing kind!!! 🙂



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  3. I saw these advertised somewhere a while back – so impressive. I think I need to save my pennies for one!

  4. This is kind of perfect. I need it!