A New Style of Runner: Nike Flyknit

by Madeleine Borgersen

I love the Nike free’s! They’re a super comfortable runner even for us non-runner types! But the new nike flyknit runners take this to a whole new level!

Wow! Yep that’s right. Wow!

The Nike Flyknit takes the technology of the Nike Free bases and continues this level of research and detail into the shoe’s upper.

Nike embarked on a four-year mission with teams of programmers, engineers and designers to create the technology needed to make the knit upper with static properties for structure and durability. Then the precise placement of support, flexibility and breathability-all in one layer-was refined. The result was a featherweight, form-fitting and virtually seamless upper.

As a girl that grew up running around barefoot on gravel I love these runners. They come in some amazing styles, some that resemble a traditional runner and other’s that go with their knited manufacturing and feature some traditional patterns.

One response to “A New Style of Runner: Nike Flyknit”

  1. I love the Nikes but I’m an Asics girl at heart. It’s what my dad wears so I had to laugh yesterday because my siblings are also members of the Asics crew.

    The Nikes are so pretty though and there are so many amazing colours! Great to hear the science behind it.