Outfit Identifying App: Wear

by Madeleine Borgersen

Put down your lunch, I have something important to share with you. Wear is finally here.

Outfit Identifying App: Wear

Wear is an amazing new app that has just hit the Apple store in beta (the last stage of testing). It’s open to the public and currently FREE!

What makes it so amazing you say? Oh nothing… Except everything!

The Wear app means you can take sneaky pics of models, fashionistas, mannequins that you confused for fashionistas. Upload this snap to the app and behold it’s magic. Wear will list the items in that outfit (or some that are scarily similar) and where to buy them, either in a brick and mortar one suburb over or online.

See something you like? Whether it’s the person in front of you, an advert in the street or a mannequin in a window display, Wear can tell you what they are wearing with no user input.

You can grab Wear now from the Apple store! Apologies if I scare all of you taking little snapshots everywhere from now on!

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