Personality Packed Purses Your Collection Needs

by Briellen Smith

People say you can wear your heart on your sleeve so why not wear your personality with your purse… are our top five picks to add some kitschy cool character to your spring wardrobe.

image1xxlSkinnydip Unicorn Tears Novelty Across Body Bag

This milkshake-shaped bag packed with a super shiny finish, rainbow prints and a unicorn slogans is certain to bring all the boys to your yard (sorry Kelis!).  This is one of my most favourite bags as it is not only the ultimate conversation starter but is great for photos – you will be stalked by street style photographers anytime you wear this and it is AWESOME for selfies (as a ‘feeling my selfie’ queen this is a very very important factor).  It is slightly on the smaller storage size due to the unusual shape but vain is greater than pain so it is easy to downsize for the day to use it.

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