The New Triumph Magic Wire Bra is Well, A Triumph

by Madeleine Borgersen

The new Triumph Magic Wire will have you looking like an angel and feeling like you’re curled up on the couch in your PJ’s watching an amazing Ryan Gosling film. Wondering why? Well here it is.

The New Triumph Magic Wire Bra is Well, A Triumph

As someone that just ‘woke up’ one morning at the age of 11 with D cups I’ll be the first to admit that I hate bras. Don’t get my wrong, I definitely love the shape they give me but in terms of comfort? They’re a huge pain in my chest!

Luckily Triumph has reinvented the underwire bra. Launching today in Myer and Triumph Stores (both the brick and mortar and online) Australia is the first to reap the benefits of Triumph’s new Magic Wire technology.

What’s Triumph’s Magic Wire about? It’s basically replacing your hard, irritating and always slipping up or down regualr wire with a silicone made wire. Think the comfort of a sports bra with the fit and lift of your favourite lacy push-up.

The silicone-based Triumph Magic Wire means that it’s super flexible and amazingly soft due to the Magic Wire being incased in the bra pad. The Magic Wire is supported with a mesh side stabalizer giving you that perfect shape with no digging in or ride up during wear. Sign me up for 10!

Coming in three launch shades of black, nude and a gorgeous silver lilac the Triumph Magic Wire caters for women with an A to F cup.

With 70% of women wearing the wrong size bra (yep I was one of them! Let’s just say I’ve grown up and out since I was 11!) it’s important to check your size when buying a new bra. Just like you try on a new pair of shoes before taking them home with you, I’d recommend heading into Triumph or Myer for a fitting before picking up your new Magic Wire. It takes only a few minutes and as it’s the only bra you will want to be wearing once you have it, you want to make sure it fits you perfectly.

Triumph’s Magic Wire is available from Myer and Triumph stores from Monday August 4, 2014 and retails for $59.95. Other stockists will release the new line from September.

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