Alchemy Prodx – Candle Range

by Madeleine Borgersen
Alchemy Prodx – Candle Range

I love the Alchemy Prodx range. They are not only the most beautiful looking candles in their chemistry beakers they also have the most amazing scents.

There’s not usually a candle range that has me starting an internal war over which scent to pick, I’m quite particular, this was most definitely the case with Alchemy Prodx’s range however.

I’ve got quite a collection now, I love that after they’re used up you have a gorgeous flask or vase also. They have a double life which makes their value so much more than most candles on the market.

With scents like sandlewood, yuzu, ginger ale and wild fig, the range is a definite must for any candle lovers out there!

3 responses to “Alchemy Prodx – Candle Range”

  1. those are the most unique candles i’ve ever seen! they’d make a great gift to a friend of mine