An Organised Life’s Top Tips to An Organised Office

by Madeleine Borgersen

Is your desk drowning in a sea of paperwork and yesterday’s coffee and biscuit mess? Yeah our’s too. Luckily the creator of all things organised and stylish, Beck from An Organised Life is here to share her top tips to keeping that office organised!

An Organised Life's Top Tips to An Organised Office

The gorgeous Beck of An Organised Life.

1. What are the necessary items for your desk/top drawer?

I can’t live without my 2015 An Organised Life diary and to do list notebook. A pen, pencil, highlighters, stapler, ruler, calculator, scissors, Marble Basics pen holder, a pin board to hold all your inspo and reminders, black Muji folders for filing, a plain black box for holding invoices, a succulent and a MAC computer of course!

2. What are your top tips to storing those ‘need to get to’ things like letters, receipts or invites!

I always store my invoices & bills that need to be paid that week in a black box on my desk – they are really easy to access and it keeps everything organised and structured week to week.

I file all my receipts in a black folder categorised into months. I always handwrite the details of what the receipt was for to remind myself when I meet with my accountant.

Invites are always pinned to my pin board – and I always make sure I write the RSVP date and event date in my diary as soon as the invite arrives in the mail. 

An Organised Life's Top Tips to An Organised Office

Organise your life and office with gorgeous An Organised Life’s range of notebooks.

3. Do you recommend going for a set colour palette or mixing things up?

I always go with monochrome and neutrals – I love to add a touch of colour with succulents & plants as well as texture with a bit of marble. 

4. What are your favourite tips to sticking to a diary or planner and keeping it neat and tidy?

Routine – Everyones different, you need to find your own vibe when its comes to making the most out of your diary or planner. For me I always check my diary the night before so I can prep for the next day (including what my outfits going to be!). I always write new dates, reminders and to do’s in my diary in the morning when I’m on my way to work on the train – it’s my ‘me’ time and my brain is always in the zone – it’s become a routine. 

Always write in pencil – One thing I have learnt is that life always throws you curve balls, dates change and priorities shift. I HATE having to cross out something in my diary and creating a messy page! The answer – write in pencil! That way dates, meetings and important deadlines can easily be altered without you having a slight melt down or reprinting this planner out & starting from scratch again!

Prioritise: Creating your own strategy for prioritising your work each day is key. For me I use a highlighting system at work. For example pink are my priorities for the morning, blue are my priorities for the afternoon & green are extremely important dates, meetings or reminders. I use this system everyday and it helps me get through all of my list. 
Another option (if you’re like me and hate adding colour to your 2015 diary) is using the same method above but with symbols. For example a small black dot, a star and the letters IMP for important or simply AM, PM & a star symbol.


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  1. I agree….I have a planner and writing in pen and then realising its moved to another day just kills me. I reverted back to using pencil now! Phew crisis averted! x