The Dyson Small Ball Vacuum, The Fastest and Easiest Way To Clean

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for a quicker and easier way to keep your home free from dust and allergens? Dyson’s new Small Ball Vacuum is your answer, providing both power and portability.

Dyson's Small Ball Vacuum, the Perfect Pick For a Pet Friendly Home

Keep your home dust and dirt free whilst even being pet-friendly with the light-weight, yet super powerful, Dyson Small Ball Vacuum.

Masters of the home technology world, Dyson offers a range of vacuums to suit any style of home. From the Big Ball Animal for serious suction to their V6 Absolute stick vacuums for absolute portability, the range’s latest release, the Small Ball Vacuum brings the best of both worlds to your home for your one-stop cleaning product.

Combining the serious suction power of the Big Ball with light-weight portability, Dyson’s Small Ball Vacuum is the perfect pick for the household that needs it all.

Why You’ll Love the Dyson Small Ball Vacuum

Not only is the Dyson Small Ball Vacuum super effective at picking up even the smallest of dust and dirt, it’s lengthy power cord allows you to clean a home effectively in no time at all without the worry of a battery running out mid-clean.

The new Dyson Small Ball is also super lightweight making it perfect for multi-storey homes, or those looking for something a little more portable.

The self-adjusting cleaner head makes cleaning the entire home in one hit faster and easier than ever, effortlessly transitioning from carpet to hard floors with no loss of suction. The Dyson Ball technology also makes it a sinch to get in, around and under any of your furniture all with the one head to clean each room with zero fuss.

Once finished, the vacuum’s bin is easily emptied with the click of one button and reduces down to take up 40% less space than the Dyson DC65 Ball Animal vacuum, perfect for apartments!

The Dyson Small Ball is available in three variants; the Animal – perfect for pet owners ($799), the Allergy ($699) for super deep cleaning and the Multi-Floor ($599) for serious suction across any floor type. 

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