How to Clean Your Hair Dryer

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wondering why your hair dryer isn’t giving you that Brigitte Bardot blow wave any longer? It might need a little love. Here’s how to clean your hair dryer in thirty seconds flat.

How to Clean Your Hair Dryer

Take a look at your hair dryer filter (the part at the back if you’re unsure). Dusty? I’m not surprised and hey no judgement here, those things can fill up in no time at all.

That dust and hair can clog up your beloved dryer and add extra pressure to it’s drying duties ending with you receiving a lack-lustre do.

Here’s how to clean out your hair dryer with nothing but a wet wipe and bring your hair dryer (no matter what brand) back to it’s former glory.

  1. Take off the filter case. For most this as simple as popping or twisting it off.
  2. Grab a wet wipe. Baby wipe, face wipe, anything that’s got a bit of moisture to attract the dust but nothing wet enough to destroy the dryer itself.
  3. Wipe over the filter itself and the casing, picking up all the collected dust. Give your beauty a once over from head to handle too.

And voila! There’s the simple way of how to clean your hair dryer. Try and give your hair dryer a clean every 3-4 weeks, more if you’re a daily user and reap the benefits of a perfectly functioning dryer every single wash.

2 responses to “How to Clean Your Hair Dryer”

  1. I need to do this to my dryer asap. Thanks for sharing. I have never thought of using a wet wipe
    xx, Jodi