Behind the Brand

IIUVO, The New Home Fragrance Brand Calling Bullshit

by Madeleine Borgersen

New to the Mecca TROVE counter this September, IIUVO brings a bite to the world of home fragrance brands with four scents you just won’t be able to say no to.


Leo Gibbon & Tomi Ahmed, founders of IIUVO. Image by Chris Nutt.

Created March 2016 in London by Leo Gibbon, the son of a florist and interior designer who also dabbled as a DJ (skills!), and Tomi ‘Killin It!’ Ahmed, trained by Adrian Joffe at Des Garcons/Dover Street Market, IIUVO is the perfect mix of androgynous, premium scents, sleek, monochrome packaging and a quirky hit of personality.


IIUVO’s Woodgrain mixes nutmeg, cedar and amber for a sweet, spicy wooden scent you won’t be able to resist.

The four-piece collection is as full of personality as the two founders with each scent revealing their own unique vibe and story. Our favourites? Woodgrain, a nod to southern hip hop lyrics (listen carefully to Beyonce’s Drunk In Love again if you don’t believe us) that envelops you with the woody, sweet spice of a vintage Cadillac and BULLSHIT, created by IIUVO and Stefan Brüggermann to celebrate the sprinkle of bullshit we all add to our lives to keep it that bit more interesting. Valencia filter, I’m looking at you.

The IIUVO range is available exclusively from Mecca Cosmetica TROVE from 27 September 2016.

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