Protect Your Furchild With Frontline Plus

by Madeleine Borgersen

If you don’t know Wilma she is my pride and joy, my little furnugget and my favourite mid-morning driving buddy (she’s useless before 10am). Yep, she’s my furchild.

Protect Your Furchild With Frontline Plus

Although Wilma and I were treated with gorgeous Cup (and Pup!) Cakes this is not a sponsored post.

Before you pull those eyebrows you should probably know that I’m not alone in my love for our furry family members. Stats show that 48% of pet owners view their four legged friends as a part of the family with 1 in 3 featuring them on their social media profiles.

We, however, may have gone a step further and created Wilma her own profile, and before you laugh, she’s probably got more followers than you.

Instagram account and bowtie collection aside, we love our little Wilma and like all doting parents we take her health and well being very seriously. Caring for a pug is a bit different to children of the furless variety. They can’t eat everything we can (yep, try saying no to that face!) and they also need to beware of a few more bugs in the summer months. Enter Frontline Plus.

Not only the best flea buster around, Frontline Plus protects our perfect pets from ticks including the deadly paralysis tick that runs rampant throughout the east coast of Australia especially in the warmer months.

One application every two weeks will protect your lovely against any discomfort from a little itch to a deathly bite so you can both enjoy the outdoors this summer.


To get summer ready and prepare your puppy Frontline has sent Wilma and I a double pack of Frontline to give to a lucky reader.

To enter let us know in the comments the name, age and breed of your furry friend and their favourite way to stay cool in summer! Competition closes Friday 26/9/14!

Wilma’s favourite? Doggy Paddling!

2 responses to “Protect Your Furchild With Frontline Plus”

  1. Brittany Williams says:

    My pups names are Charlie (5) & Skylar (10) who are both pugs, they love to either sit inside and nap on a hot day or go to the dog park and chase the big dogs in the water.