Top Kitchen Gadgets

by Madeleine Borgersen

I love a good kitchen gadget! Anything that makes cooking quicker and easier is a no-brainer in my book! Here are my top go-to gadgets that I use again and again!

Top Kitchen Gadgets

1. Alessi Parmenide Grater – $23

This is so simple but so so good! Grate your cheese directly into a bowl. Amazing concept huh? In all seriousness though I always used to palm off the cheese grating job as I hated using the normal grater (weak wrists you know?). This thing makes it a breeze!

2. Zoku Popsicle Making Kit – $62

What I love about this one is that you can essentially make a popsicle any time you feel the urge. Make it with lemon and blueberries, yoghurt, anything! Just store this baby in your freezer and whip it out when you feel like a cool treat. Takes 90 seconds to turn your ingredients into a Donna Hay worthy summer popsicle!

3. Joseph Joseph – 2 in 1 Whisk – $11

Joseph Joseph is probably one of my favourite kitchen brands. They have such great designs that take a normal tool and make it better, smaller or just more stylish. This whisk is amazing for the fact that it takes up less room in your utensils drawer and can be fully pulled apart for easy cleaning. No more stuck pancake batter!

4. Prepara – Oil Mister – $24.95

Not only can you cut down on your oil consumption you can also make your own super flavoursome oils at home with dried herbs and spices. Such a good gadget for anyone that loves their grilling!

5. Egg Timer – $8.95

The ugliest and best thing in my kitchen. So you might know how long it takes to boil 2 eggs in that saucepan you’ve had for a decade. But what about when you need to do 6 and that saucepans mid-cycle in the dishwasher? Never fear! This little nugget can take care of the guesswork for you. Simple place it in with your eggs and it’ll show you when your eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled. So handy!

What are your swear-by kitchen tools?

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