Top Tips to Finding Your Perfect Coffee

by Madeleine Borgersen

Lover of coffee but stuck in a rut of the same ‘skinny flat white’ or fuss-free espresso? We’ve asked coffee connoisseur and Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan for his top tips to picking the perfect drop for you!

Top Tips to Mastering Your Mornings1. For new coffee drinkers, or those that just ‘fell into’ a style of coffee, what are some tips for trying new styles or blends to find the coffee perfectly matched to them?

For me, the coffee making process is very similar to cooking. The addition and quantities of coffee and milk are like adding ingredients and spices to a dish. Be open to new coffees and experiment with different volumes and blends so you can really start to explore the profile of a black coffee, or even how that profile evolves with milk.
For example, a cappuccino will use a dense froth, meaning you blend less milk with the coffee than you would in a flat white, which uses more milk.

The bottom line is, be open and try new things.

Top Tips to Mastering Your Mornings

Enjoying your perfect coffee pick can turn your morning from mayhem to meditative. Ours is a quick and easy espresso (with a hit of fairy floss!) What’s yours?

2. Can you enjoy milk with all types of coffee beans? How does milk change the taste of the bean?

The wonderful thing is that coffee and milk go hand in hand. Most coffees will, in fact, blend beautifully with a dash of milk to either sweeten the profile, or bring more balance to the cup. Each Grand Cru in the Nespresso range develops new dimensions when combined with milk. For instance Rosabaya de Colombia has delicate fruity and winey notes, which can be best experienced in a dark coffee, such as an espresso. When enjoyed as a latte, it reveals notes of caramel.

Top Tips to Finding Your Perfect Coffee

A Nespresso machine is the perfect way to enjoy a quiet coffee ritual at home every morning.

3. How can you switch up your coffee type through the week to better suit your lifestyle and mornings?

Be guided by your morning craving and your routine.
With 23 different Nespresso Grands Crus and only seven days in a week, no morning needs to be the same! In fact, this morning I started with a double shot of Dharkan as a latte, because I was in the mood for a strong, creamy coffee. Yesterday, however, I was heading straight in to a meeting and wanted something quick that I could take with me, so I turned our Livanto Grand Cru into a picollo, a short black with 40mL of frothed milk.

Coffee is, of course, part of our morning ritual, but which coffee and how we enjoy it can absolutely differ. Take five minutes out for yourself and don’t be scared to experiment with coffee, particularly on those mornings you are feeling creative and adventurous!



Looking for some more ways to make the most of your morning?

To relax, get reared up or hit those to-do’s off nice and early? Here’s some more great tips to make the most out of your morning from Dr. Suzy Green from The Positivity Institute.



1. Make time every morning for your ritual

Whether you have a brief 15 minutes or a golden hour, set aside some time every morning for your ritual. With only a couple of minutes you can create a healthy (green) smoothie/juice, but with more time you can practice yoga, tai chi, or take a walk outside.

2. Embrace your inner early bird

Research shows that early birds get more done, so avoid hitting the snooze button! Even though rising early may be hard at first, it can take up to two months to make or break a habit so stick with it.

3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is simple, powerful, and scientifically proven to boost your mood. Use a journal to identify five things that you’re grateful for every day- think about the small things like sitting in the sun for 10 minutes or enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.

4. Set your intention

Decide on a daily focus – perhaps you want to accomplish something specific or develop a personal quality. Write down your intention and place it in your wallet or on your desk so you’re constantly reminded of it.

5. Give yourself a morning heart-starter

Complete your positive morning ritual by enjoying your favourite Nespresso Grand Cru coffee.  Most of us already enjoy a morning brew, but taking five minutes to treat ourselves sets us up for the perfect day.

4 responses to “Top Tips to Finding Your Perfect Coffee”

  1. I couldn’t survive without my Nespresso – it is a saviour in the mornings!! It’s like I get to have a real coffee (cafe quality not pretend real coffee) without leaving home and I can pop it in a travel mug to have on the go…. its perfection!

  2. I would have to say that coffee is one of my top 5 favourite things ever! Is that bad? At the moment I’ve got a Lavazza coffee machine which I love and use every morning but I do admire the range of flavours Nespresso has to offer. I also loved the part about embracing your inner early bird because that has definitely been working for me lately!
    Siobhan x