How to Wean Your Baby From Breast To Bottle

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all know breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby but that doesn’t mean weaning your baby onto bottle is any less important if you nail the breastfeeding game. 

How to Wean Your Baby From Breast To Bottle

Philips AVENT offers a range of bottles with a Natural teat, perfect for introducing a breastfed bub to the world of bottle feeding.

Whether it’s to pump and share the midnight feeds with your partner or switch them onto bottle for the day while you’re back at work, Philips AVENT spokesperson and experienced midwife, Jane Barry shared her top tips to making this transition as painless as possible for both boob and bub!

Take Your Time

When transitioning your bub onto bottle it’s best to have a plan of when you would like to do it. It might be from day one so your partner can share in the midnight feeds or maybe 3 months when bub gets a bit heavier or 6 months when you might be heading back to work part-time or full-time.

At whichever point you decide to introduce a bottle to the mix plan ahead allowing yourself plenty of time to get your baby used to the idea without the stress of a looming deadline right over your shoulder.

Split the Feed

Baby not taking to the bottle? Try introducing it mid-feed when they’re content and in a milk daze. Chances are they won’t be as fussy and you’ll be able to sneak a sly one past them to get them used to the difference.

How to Wean Your Baby From Breast To Bottle

Philips AVENT Spokesperson and experienced midwife Jane Barry recommends taking your time when introducing a baby to a new bottle.

Take Your Chest Out of The Equation

Find your bub just won’t accept anything that isn’t your breast? Try having someone else handle the bottle feeds at first to take your warm, familiar chest out of the equation.

Make Sure They’re Hungry

If you’re attempting to introduce a bottle to your baby make sure they’re ready for a feed. A hungry bub is more likely to be satisfied with milk (even from a different source) than a bub that could take it or leave it.

Give it a Few Tries

Still no luck? Don’t stress yourself, or your baby out trying to nail the switch first go. If your baby won’t take to the new bottle simply try again next time rather than creating a fear or anxiety around the switch for good by pushing it too hard.

To view the full Philips AVENT feeding range and learn more about feeding your baby visit their website.

Disclaimer: We all know breast is best when feeding your baby. For tips on continung to breast feed please visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association. This information is general in nature and shouldn’t be used without consulting your medical practitioner.

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