Indoor Greenery with Mister Moss

by Madeleine Borgersen
Indoor Greenery with Mister Moss

I love indoor plants. Growing up as the daughter of two horticulturists our home was like a set from that scene in Jumanji, minus the killer monkeys — most of the time.

We were lucky to be given a few plants, all of them with names (Trevor the Indoor Palm, Florence the Lemon Tree and Hendrick the Fern) over the years and have added to the collection with a fantastic Peace Lily from Mister Moss.

It’s a great addition to our bedroom – adding a bit of life and colour to the room. I wake up to it every morning and I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful flower or the neon string that it’s cleverly been constructed with but it makes me so happy for such a simple thing.

A great gift idea for anyone with a green thumb but a small apartment!

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