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Let Love In, In November

by Madeleine Borgersen

It’s that time for sweet nearly summer lovin’ nights and embracing all that is you. Whether you want that small weekend getaway with a partner or to rest, relax and retreat on your own, November is here to support you like your favourite bra.

Let Love In, In NovemberBe comfortable with yourself and challenge any negativity in your life, you don’t need that! Be here for you and let your friends and loved ones be apart of your life the way you want them to be. Don’t let people dictate your life, it’s yours so choose what you want and love it!

Couples, it’s your time to be there for the other, be happy and in love! It’s the month for it!

For those rocking it on there own, take time to look after you, and don’t be scared of commitment if someone comes knocking, it might just be the “one”.

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