Is Adele’s New Album Finally On It’s Way?

by Madeleine Borgersen
Is Adele’s New Album Finally On It’s Way?

I’m a huge Adele fan. HUGE.

Fell in love with her extraordinary voice on her first album 19, then went on to hate it for a short period in time when I made the mistake of using it as my soundtrack to complete the Couch to 5k training program – worst mistake ever.

Never fear, her second album 21 came back to bring me back to the light. Since 21 and it’s slew of grammy’s I’ve been sitting patiently waiting for either an Aussie tour announcement (which I think I’ll be waiting for for a while as she doesn’t like flying – yeah we’re besties if you weren’t aware) or a new album.

I think one of these wishes just came true.

Adele, who just celebrated her 26th birthday made a sneaky remark via twitter –

Is it true?! Could it be?! Oui Oui! Let’s hope this means Adele’s new album will be released this year and we’ll get more of her beautiful songwriting and voice and I can try and make it to that 5k run again soon!

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