The Best Beyonce Covers

by Madeleine Borgersen

I love a good cover. Just ask my Mumma, she’ll tell you. She’ll also give you a Gin if you ask nicely – win, win! Here are my top Beyonce covers of all time!

The Best Beyonce Covers

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Well maybe not all time, but they’re definitely the best Beyonce covers that I’ve heard recently.

Drunk in Love – Maria Zouroudis

Such a beautiful voice. Love this acoustic, stripped back version of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s classic. Surboard. Surfboard.

XO – John Mayer

Ever since I heard him cover Free Fallin’ I’ve loved a bit of Mayer. He does total justice to Beyonce’s other self-titled album highlight, XO.

Halo – Ane Brun, Linnea Olsson

I was fortunate enough to see Queen B at her world tour last year and one of the highlights was definitely hearing her open a Whitney classic (we all know I’m a Whitney fan!) I Will Always Love You and bring it into her own hit single Halo. This one’s nearly as good. Nearly. A gorgeous folky voice. Love it!

Irreplaceable – Sleigh Bells

Beautifully whispey. One of Beyonce’s best songs in my opinion. They do a good job, not as good as the Queen but better than me at 7.42am in a 37 degree shower with shampoo in my hair.

Drunk in Love – Angel Haze

I just love that this one is a bit different. Also nothing beats the line;

Fill the tub up half way then ride it with my skateboard. Surfboard. Tom Ford.

Sorry Beyonce, I think you two need to get together and re-write the original to fit this line in.

XO – Nikki Yanofsky

Best vocals hands down goes to Nikki Yanofsky. Damn gurl! I actually prefer this to the original. There, I said it!

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