Father of the Bride 3?

by Madeleine Borgersen

Now don’t get too excited but – they’re making a Father of the Bride trequel! I’m already day dreaming about Franck’s outfits, George’s meltdown’s and of course the amazing Diane Keaton.

Father of the Bride 3?

THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT THIS FRANCK! There is a third Father of the Bride in the lineup!

But who’s getting married I hear you asking. Surely Annie isn’t divorced and getting remarried? That doesn’t ever happen in real life!

No, no it’s ok you can keep your Bank’s dream alive it’s not Annie. The third film of the cult 90’s series will focus on the youngest in the family little Matty. So he’s not really the Father of the Bride this time, actually there’s not even going to be a bride this time.

Instead the story will revolve around George coming to grips with Matty marrying a Navy SEAL. Excellent! I’m pretty sure there’ll be more at stake this time than some hotdog buns and polyester suits.

So far Steve Martin is the only actor to officially announce his involvement, but surely Diane can’t be far away? I for one am hoping Annie and Bryan have smaller roles. I just can’t see them in the same light after Scandal and Nashville. But I guess as long as Franck is there everything will be fine.

So grab your navy Armani out of storage and start working on those swans, George & Nina Banks are coming back!

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