Find Out Which Game of Thrones Character You Are Based On Your Spotify Addictions

by Madeleine Borgersen

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that the long-awaited premiere for Game of Throne’s sixth season aired yesterday. Although we still know nothing when it comes to Jon Snow, we can occupy some time until we finally find out with Spotify.

Find out whether you're Targaryen or Stark by your Spotify habits!

Find out whether you’re Targaryen or Stark by your Spotify habits!

The much-loved music streaming app has created an algorithm to match you with your GoT character based on your listening habits. Simply log in with your Spotify account (or create one!) and wait for it to do it’s Dothraki magic.

Oh and when you get that answer, know it’s the real deal. Spotify worked alongside HBO and Game of Thrones’ music supervisor Evyen J Klean, to pick the perfect matches for each character. So share your result to the seven kingdoms and beyond, because you know it’s legit.

I got Margaery Tyrell! Find out who your GoT character is at

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