Gone Girl Trailer Released

by Madeleine Borgersen

Gone Girl was probably the most talked about book of last year. Written by Gillian Flynn it narrates the events of a philandering husband’s life just after he finds out his wife has gone missing on their fifth wedding anniversary.

The story unfolds taking you from twist to turn to discover whether or not he was involved in the disappearance and whether or not she is dead or alive.

They’ve taken zero time at all to take this best-seller to the big screen with Ben Affleck cast as the lead. I think he’s a great choice after reading the novel late last year. He has that lack of empathy about him which would really suit this character.

Here’s the first look at the Gone Girl trailer of the trailer to get you ready for the expected release in October this year. Cannot wait to see more of these Gone Girl trailers on the lead up to the premiere!

Have you read the novel? What are your thoughts on casting Ben Affleck as the lead Nick Dunne?

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