OMG Yes! Hilary Duff is back!

by Madeleine Borgersen
OMG Yes! Hilary Duff is back!

I love Hilary Duff. Yep there I said it. I do.

I think she has done so well. Hilary Duff has a gorgeous child, she grew out of her awkward tween phase so gracefully and she announced over the weekend that she’s just signed a new record deal. If you don’t stalk her instagram account, you really should.

She is stunning! Those brows, that hair! I really want to be her best friend.

I for one cannot wait to hear her new record! You will never be so yesterday in my eyes Hilary Duff.

I’m off to watch my favourite Hilary Duff movie (shortly after The Lizzie McGuire movie!) Cinderella Story. Be back later.

4 responses to “OMG Yes! Hilary Duff is back!”

  1. Sarah Ayoub says:

    I love her too! I have the Lizzie McGuire series on DVD (dag) and know the whole metamorphosis album by heart. I must admit I also love love her style – she dresses and looks like a real girl. And her son Luka is so beautiful!

  2. Zoe Hogan says:

    You’re speaking to my soul – this chick was my childhood hero (still is)