Spotify Predicts The Winner of Eurovision 2016

by Madeleine Borgersen

It’s the music competition that stops well, almost half, of the world. Eurovision, love it or hate it is definitely an explosion of all that is diverse and fabulous in the world. Wondering who’s going to take out the top spot this year? Spotify has a few clues!

Spotify Predicts The Winner of Eurovision 2016

Image via SBS, who will be airing the Eurovision song contest this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The top music streaming app analysed listening data from all of the Eurovision entries for 2016 and has predicted the winner to be hosting country Sweden, there’s just no stopping those Scandi’s that have taken out 3 of the last 5 wins.

This prediction is based on the Swedish pop track being streamed over 30 million times globally – that’s more than any song by The Beatles or even ABBA’s Eurovision winner Waterloo.

Wondering how the wanna-be Euro entry for Australia is going to go? Spotify predicts Dami Im’s ballad will stay a steady 5th the same position Guy Sebastian took out in Australia’s Eurovision debut last year.

Top 10 Eurovision Predictions

  1. Sweden: “If I Were Sorry” – Frans
  2. France: “J’ai cherché” – Amir 
  3. Russia: “You Are the Only One” – Sergey Lazarev 
  4. Spain: “Say Yay!” – Barei 
  5. Australia: “Sound of Silence” – Dami Im 
  6. Bulgaria: “If Love Was a Crime” – Poli Genova 
  7. Italy: “No Degree of Separation” – Francesca Michielin 
  8. Denmark: “Soldiers of Love” – Lighthouse X 
  9. Netherlands: “Slow Down” – Douwe Bob 
  10. Malta: “Walk on Water” – Ira Losco 

Want to make up your own mind? Check out the top 10 predicted tracks below! 

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