Top TV Series to Re-watch Now

by Madeleine Borgersen

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve binge watched the new season of Orange is the New Black and now you’re crying like a over-tired toddler over having nothing to watch. Here are some series you can definitely re-watch to fill that cold, empty void that is your Winter Life.

Top TV Series to Re-watch Now

Game of Thrones and Mad Men’s over until next year (this whole split the last season into two parts things is really getting me down!) and Scandal, Grey’s, House of Cards and Downton Abbey are just faint memories.

There’s a few new shows peeping up that look promising. I’m looking at you Welcome to Sweden and Extant, but until then here’s a great list of TV Shows you can re-watch either a few episodes every night or if you come down with the flu, all in one sitting.

The Shield

If you’re a Sons of Anarchy fan try The Shield. Another Kurt Sutter production you’ll actually think you’re watching an episodes of Sons with the amount of cross-polination of actors such as Shane Vendrell aka. Venus, Claudette Wyms aka. Tyne Patterson and Dutch Wagenback aka. crazy stalker fed guy.


I still cannot believe some people have never watched Friends. To be fair I was 2 (ok, 7!) when the show started but that hasn’t stopped me. If you haven’t seen the show in it’s entirety it’s definitely a classic to watch. It will also keep you going until October, 2017.

Sex & The City

Each time I watch it I get something entirely different from it. SATC is a classic. When you were younger you may have resonated yourself as Carrie maybe now you’re more of a Miranda or Charlotte, but we all want to become Samantha. With six seasons and two movies, there’s serious marathon material there.

The O.C.

With Adam Brody a newly wed it’s nice to reflect back on how it all started. It has the same perks as Dawson’s without Dawson and Joey. If only Pacey was transported to The O.C. my life would be complete.

What’s your favourite TV Show? What can you re-watch again and again (and again!)?

11 responses to “Top TV Series to Re-watch Now”

  1. Alexandra Evanson says:

    Suits & Gilmore Girls

  2. chntl says:

    Yep, winter life = TV show time. I’m definitely crying over Orange is the New Black, GoT and Downton Abbey (come back plz) but rewatching some old favourites sounds soo good. Might pop on The O.C or SATC on tonight, oldies are always goodies :3

    Chantalle x

  3. Ha ha – just reading the comments below, I was thinking the same thing, the old nana I am!
    I’m always up for the oldies of Friends, Seinfeld and SATC (they have reruns every night on Foxtel!) but am loving the final season of True Blood right now.

  4. Angie says:

    You were 2 when Friends started? Now I feel really. really. old. Haha x