Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep With Koala Mattress

by Madeleine Borgersen

Super easy online ordering and four-hour metro delivery are just some of the perks of ordering a Koala Mattress over the traditional in-store browsing.

Get The Perfect Night's Sleep With Koala Mattress

Sleep like a baby? More like sleep like a koala with the high-quality, comfortable and recyclable Koala Mattress.

The Koala mattress arrives safe and snug in it’s traveling box and bounces out to instant form to easily pop onto your existing base. The goldie locks of mattresses the Koala mattress offers cloud-like comfortability that isn’t too firm or too soft.

The Koala Mattress Technology

The Koala Mattress is made with two layers of high-tech foam, offering ‘zero disturbance technology’  that is currently not available in any other mattress.

Perfect for those with partners (or pets!) that toss and turn throughout the night, the Koala Mattress even allows your partner to hop in or out of bed without any disturbance.

The Koala’s foam technology doesn’t just stop there. Unlike the traditional ‘memory foam’ style mattress the team behind Koala created their own proprietary foam. This combines the best aspects of a spring and foam mattresses to give you enough bounce, comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

The Koala Mattress, being Australian-made, also considers the contrasting Australian climate meaning it’s nice and cool during those hot summer nights and cosy and warm for the winter chills.

Get The Perfect Night's Sleep With Koala Mattress

The Australian-made Koala Mattress is the only mattress offering zero disturbance technology. Perfect for those that have restless partners.

Why choose a Koala Mattress?

Best of all? Koala Mattresses offer a higher quality mattress at a way better price point. By only selling online straight from their manufacturer the extra costs of showrooms, salesman commissions and multiple deliveries are removed leaving you with a lower priced pick.

If you’re looking for that final sway point, Koala Mattresses are not only 100% recyclable (when you finally decide to part ways that is) they also adopt a Koala for every mattress sold, helping to protect their natural habitats.

Worried about buying before you’ve tried? Don’t. With a 120 day test and try guarantee you can claim a full refund and get the mattress picked up for free if it doesn’t meet your expectations, but trust us, you won’t be parting with it for anything!

You can buy Koala Mattresses from their website in sizes single to king. Pricing starting at $650 including delivery.

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