TdM Tarot

TdM Tarot: Time to Make Decisions in April

by Psych Sal

Time for some changes and in more than just the weather as the King of Swords, shows April to be full of the brutal (but oh so needed!) truth.

TdM Tarot: Time to Make Decisions in April

Image via Fashion Agony

It’s time to be logical. No more struggling on what you should or shouldn’t do – do it! It’s time to be active and strong even if that decision may be seen as cold or harsh.

This month is for that strength. You need to say what you think and be heard. Your opinions are important so speak them. 

It will be a strong month for work but don’t let yourself be flustered by others around you. There is a change happening whether you like it or not and the sword will be blunt if you don’t let it in…

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