TdM Tarot

TdM Tarot: Find Balance in February

by Psych Sal

For February, with the eight of wands guiding everyone, it is time for change. To look forward in new directions and listen to what it is that your heart is wanting to tell you.

Where is it that you are being pulled? See how you are managing with the workload that you have given yourself and see what you can do to ease it or make it more manageable to maintain.

Don’t overindulge this month, it is a good idea to keep your money tight in your pocket.

With change there must be a reaction, if there is no reaction, look to see why this may have been. What is working in your life and what isn’t working. Make the changes to get those reactions, whether from colleagues, friends or even just yourself. Your own opinion is a strong one this month.

Listen to your head and balance it out with your heart. 

Try and make those little steps into shifting out the negativity to bring in that new positive energy. Everything this month should be about finding that balance that brings everything together, you may not see it physically happening but those little changes will go a long way down the track. The wheels are in motion, its time to take control and steer yourself in the direction that you want to be heading in.

Psych Sal is our TdM Tarot-reading temptress offering her monthly tips to make the most out of what the stars have in store.

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