TdM Tarot

TdM Tarot: March

by Psych Sal

With the Ace of Cups guiding its way, March is all for new and exciting relationships in your life. It’s time to break away from the mundane and start looking at the people around you who excite you and bring life to yours.

TdM Tarot: March

Image: Diego Zuko

Whether it’s friendship, a relationship, family or even just yourself, now is a great time to really look at what it is that you want from the relationship and go and get it. Look for those people who reflect what it is that you want in a good friendship, maybe even cut away those who don’t fit in with your lifestyle. 

If it is about a relationship, let those who want to come into your life in, stop listening to doubt and negativity and let the positive in because that is the start of something new. Maybe there is a person who you have a crush on, go and ask them for a drink, be happy with life and accept the good that it is trying to give you.

Let’s yourself be happy, breathe in the good energy and smile. March is the start of autumn which is all about change, so let that happen. Go out on a date with yourself, treat yourself to those shoes that you have been eyeing off. Make sure you take the time to smell the roses and let yourself be happy.

It’s about communication and beginnings but for something to begin, there must be an end. It’s okay to let that happen. Rejoice in those around you and feel the sun on your neck, it’s all happening now if you just open your eyes and let it.

Psych Sal is our TdM Tarot-reading temptress offering her monthly tips to make the most out of what the stars have in store.

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