TdM Tarot

TdM Tarot: Work Through July

by Psych Sal

Ten of coins for July: it is time to channel your inner Rihanna and ‘work, work, work, work, work’ so everything is finally coming to order! 

TdM Tarot: Work Through July

Image by Anisa Sojka.

Find that inner balance that you have been searching for by having the knowledge and trust that things you have been working towards are finally starting to work out. If there is an issue in the workplace, it will come to a head soon and be resolved just as quick! 

It is a  good month for work changes and stability and to know that all decisions you have made are the right ones for you at this time! Sit back, take it all in and enjoy the ride (while listening to some Rihanna and Drake on the way).  

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