How to Find The Perfect Pet Sitter

by Madeleine Borgersen

Planning a pet-free trip soon and not sure how to best care for your fur child while you’re away? Pet sitting is a fantastic option to keep your furry friend well cared for and content during your vacay.

How to Find The Perfect Pet Sitter

Wilma loves to tag along on as many trips as she can, but when it’s important to find the perfect sitter.

The AirBnB of the pet sitting world, Pawshake is a website and app that makes finding the perfect pet-sitter simple. With its community of pet lovers that can care for your pet during your next trip or even be a regular walker for you, the potential sitters are all pre-vetted with individual profiles, photos and reviews.

Not sure where to start? Jessica Tanner, one of the pet-loving Pawshake Community Managers, has given us the top tips to finding the perfect sitter!

Think About What You Need In a Sitter

Maybe you just need a dog walker or maybe your pet needs some extra care so perhaps your pet-sitter could stay the night which means you’ve scored yourself a house-sitter too! If your cat is happy being alone, a few drop-in visits for food, cuddles and litter changing may be the best option for you. Or if you have a super friendly pet, an overnight stay at a sitters house where there may be other pets could be the solution. Every pet is different!

Speak to a few different sitters

Speaking to a few sitters keeps your options open and widens the odds of finding the perfect match for you and your pet.

Consider Location

If you’re frequently away or out and about, a sitter in your local area may be the right option for you but if you only need an occasional pet-sitter, perhaps your perfect sitter is a little further away.

Always Meet First

We highly recommend meeting your sitter with your pet so they can get to know one another and you can ensure they have the right environment for your beloved friend.

Vet Yourself

Reviews, ratings and checking out their profile is also a great way to ensure the sitter is right for you. If they have proven experience and positive feedback, you’re going down the right track.

Communication is Key

Being able to communicate with your sitter early on is key. If they’re very quick at responding to you now, chances are they will be just as quick if they need to get in touch with you or your family for any reason. Likewise, if you need to get in touch with them, it’s preferable to hear back within a couple of hours rather than after a couple of days.

Being transparent is important too. If there are special instructions to caring for your pet, don’t be shy and not tell the sitter. Your perfect pet-sitter should be able to handle any requirements needed for your loved one. A handy tip is to leave a list of any special dietary needs, instructions, medication and phone numbers in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Check Your Insurance

Check out any pet insurance policies before booking just in case you need to familiarise yourself with the process should anything arise.

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