Top Tips to Travelling With Your Pet

by Madeleine Borgersen

The thought of travelling is enough to excite anyone but when you are also bringing your pet, it can be twice the fun. However, with the fun, also comes the added prep work and the need to tick a few extra things off your travel checklist. Dr. Elise Barry, resident vet at Pet Circle, shares her top 3 tips to keep in mind before travelling with your pet.

Top Tips to Travelling With Your Pet

Don’t Skimp On The Research & Paperwork

Flying your pooch is not as simple as purchasing a ticket. Thorough research is needed to check the travel requirements of your pet.  Not all airlines will take animals so ensure your carrier can get you and your pet to your travel destination.  All airlines have strict guidelines for travelling with dogs and cats.  You must have an appropriate sized carrier (guidelines will be on the airline’s website). A veterinary certificate will be necessary for young animals less than 12 weeks of age, senior pets over 12 years, sick or convalescing pets or animals that are pregnant or have delivered within 48 hours.  Also some airlines have weight restrictions. Also, if you have a vulnerable pet like a brachycephalic (pushed-in face) breed or anxious animal you must discuss the risks of travel with your vet.  You also should be familiar with requirements for travel to your destination as special medications like Hydatid Tapeworming is needed for travel to Tasmania.

EXTRA TIP: Try to plan ahead of time because the process of sorting out the above and getting all the paperwork ready can be time-consuming and stressful if you’re in a rush.


Dr. Elise Barry is the resident vet at Pet Circle. She provides expert advice and answers customers questions, as well as reviewing the quality of our food products and accessories. Dr Barry grew up on the Gold Coast with a back yard full of pets, including her Maltese, Raffles.

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