Top Tips to Travelling With Your Pet

by Madeleine Borgersen

The thought of travelling is enough to excite anyone but when you are also bringing your pet, it can be twice the fun. However, with the fun, also comes the added prep work and the need to tick a few extra things off your travel checklist. Dr. Elise Barry, resident vet at Pet Circle, shares her top 3 tips to keep in mind before travelling with your pet.

Top Tips to Travelling With Your Pet

Pack Strategically

You might not think twice about adding your dog’s favourite food to your luggage but when flying domestically, you need to check to see if the food will pass domestic quarantine regulations for your travel destination. Do your research ahead of time about entry requirements to avoid disappointment. It’s a good idea to pack your pet’s favourite accessories, which will remind them of home. This can help them settle into a new place and ease any separation anxiety they may experience.

EXTRA TIP: Bring healthy snacks and water with you to the airport. This can help offset any unwanted behaviour and keep your pet hydrated, especially if you have a long wait.


Dr. Elise Barry is the resident vet at Pet Circle. She provides expert advice and answers customers questions, as well as reviewing the quality of our food products and accessories. Dr Barry grew up on the Gold Coast with a back yard full of pets, including her Maltese, Raffles.

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