Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Every Relationship Level

by Madeleine Borgersen

You know Valentines Day is still celebrated when the cost of a bouquet of roses hits the double digits. Even if you don’t buy into the hype of Valentine’s Day, there might always be a niggling desire to receive something by an admirer, a crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Every Relationship Level

Looking for the perfect Valentines gift but not sure what’s appropriate for your new tinder crush or main squeeze of years? Here are some ideas for any relationship level.

Relationship Level: Crushing
Gift – Small, Thoughtful Gestures

No one wants to come on too strong with a grand gesture for someone they barely know. For guys, opt for a small but thoughtful bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her office or home address. Flowers suggest I like you enough to want to spend money on flowers, and whilst it may seem clichéd, most people won’t tire of receiving a nice bouquet.

Our favourite pick is Little Flowers, where for $30 a florist will arrange the pick of the day and deliver. The bouquets are always beautifully packaged with hessian and will bring a smile to anyone on the receiving end. For those ladies who like to reciprocate in gift giving, a male shaving kit can be bought from Sephora for $30. If you feel that’s too personal, a delicious box of Haigh’s Chocolates can’t hurt either.

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