Event Styling Tips & Trends with Maddison & Pride

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether you’re planning your wedding, a big birthday, anniversary or other celebratory event, styling is an important piece of the puzzle. We’ve asked Julie Pride of Maddison & Pride her top tips to planning the perfect event from start to finish.

Event Styling Tips & Trends with Maddison & Pride1. What are the main styles you see coming forward to this next peak wedding season in Spring? 


For me, Spring means waking up from the cold and embracing the warmer weather. At Maddison & Pride our preferred styling approach is to capture the essence of the seasons in every area of our styling.  

For our Spring range, I look to crisp embroidered cottons, gorgeous organzas and Italian floral tulles in subtle pastel hues.  It’s easy to get inspired by the season’s colouring and textures and I have used this as the basis for our exclusive collections of table linen and chair covers.  

2. What are your top event styling tips to create tables that are elegant and beautiful but also practical, having enough space for glasses, arms and that extra piece of bread you may have stolen from the person next to you?


This is one of those occasions when I use the expression ‘less is more’. I believe that the comfort level of the guests is an essential ingredient to success.  Guests must not feel overwhelmed by the styling.

Being in the styling industry for over 25 years, I have seen tables so close together that congestion is inevitable.  Also, overly-elaborate table settings dismantled by the guests, with no room to move, as soon as they reach the table.  

My main tips are to firstly ensure that there is adequate space at the wedding venue for the number of tables for your guests.  Wedding table settings and decorations need to be designed so that they don’t obstruct vision but do compliment the overall theme. Quality over quantity.

Maddison & pride Jacquie Close-Up 3. What are some event styling tips to incorporate a colour or theme into your room styling?


I love colour, however it must not compete with the existing room colouring or surroundings.  At Maddison & Pride, to help brides dissect and filter through the myriad of colourings, to find a hue that will work with the entire theme, I can offer a theme influenced by the style and elegance of the late Princess Grace – gorgeous chiffons and pastels. 

Or the modern look and sophistication of Blake Lively – fun and sophisticated with a hint of strong colour.  I have designed numerous themes influenced by people, places and seasons where each aspect of the event is aligned to the theme and colour pallet.  This makes style selection easier for the bride to relate to. I also design one-off theming for those that want to go that bit further.

Maddison & pride Jacquie Landscape4. What are some of the benefits of going with an event stylist over doing it yourself?


In my opinion there are three main reasons:

The first is experience. The experienced event stylist knows what works and what doesn’t.  They know how to manage venues and suppliers and how to generate the best impact and value.  On the day, they are the ones who can make it happen so that the bride and groom have a seamless, wonderful time.

The second is creativity. Being creative is the business of a stylist.  Creativity does not stop at having the idea for the theme for the wedding.  Being able to deliver that theme in the most effective and impressive way is the proof of a styling professional.

The third is to maintain your sanity. There are few occasions in the life of a bride, groom and families that are more emotional than a wedding.  The stress that can be generated and the time required to deliver the event can test relationships.  Professional wedding stylists and event managers take the stress and operational logistics away to ensure that the wedding is as stress free as possible for all concerned.

Event Styling Tips & Trends with Maddison & Pride5. Weddings are quickly going from the more traditional to more unique representations of the couple. What are some event styling tips to incorporate more ‘you’ into your event?


This is really important and sometimes it’s not about the tangible styling – you want your guests to walk in to your wedding and know it’s a reflection of both bride and groom. When styling a wedding, consider what it is about you and your partner that your friends and family love? This could be reflected in the small things like a personally styled invitation, pashmina to warm cold shoulders as the sun goes down or a welcomed scrumptious morsel of food at 11pm to refuel and get everyone back on to the dance floor.  These ideas are from the stylist but, are seen as the ‘thoughtful addition’ from you.  

I am also a huge believer in great music – well thought through, your band or DJ are your musical outlet and allow your music style and song choices to reflect you as a couple.

Lastly, the whole look should come together to reflect the bride and groom. While the wedding is enjoyed by guests, it’s also for you – those moments and memories you’ll cherish together will be showcased in your wedding space.

For more than 20 years, Julie Pride has been known for her flawless execution and creative detail within the corporate special events industry. In establishing Maddison & Pride, she saw a real desire in the private market for a premium events consultancy that embraced those same high standards when celebrating life’s memorable milestones.

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