App of the Week: TransferWise

by Madeleine Borgersen

If you ever have to transfer money internationally you’ll have noticed how much money is lost in fees. TransferWise is here to make transferring between currencies so much cheaper (and easier!)

App of the Week: TransferWise

Save time and money on your international transfers by using TransferWise.

The fees you’re paying might be hidden in the bank’s ‘exchange rate’ but you’re definitely paying them. But why? Well with TransferWise’s new app you don’t have to. Transfer money, quickly, easily and at the real exchange rate with pay minimal fees. No brainer right?

How does TransferWise work?

The costs are brought down by removing the international transfers. Weird? Let me explain. You transfer your cash to TransferWise’s Australian money pool and then they authorise a transfer of the equivalent amount (in the new currency) of money from their (for example) money pool in the UK. It is then transferred to your recipient account, meaning two local transfers are used, therefore, no actual changing of currency or charges associated with it.

Why transfer with TransferWise

It’s fast. With 90% of transfers happening in a day or less, it’s perfect for transferring cash quick. It’s safe. Secure and reliable, registered transfers mean zero stress. It’s easy. You can transfer from any device from cash on a card or bank account.

Download the free TransferWise app for Android or iOS.

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  1. What a great app. Thanks for sharing 🙂