App of the Week: Clips

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wanted to create more videos but found it hard to get a great clip in just one take? This super easy-to-use video editor will make that a thing of the past allowing you to easily edit and arrange awesome videos straight on your iPhone.

App of the Week: Clips

Clips is an easy-to-use video editor to make creating great videos on your iPhone a breeze.

Clips allows you to take and edit videos straight on your iPhone. Combine multiple video-clips, edit transitions, add voice overs and music and more.

The super handy video editor also allows you speed up and slow down videos, supports slow-mo videos you’ve taken in the iPhone’s native camera and let’s you trim different clips to create the perfect summary clip.

Super easy to use and perfect for social sharing, Clips let’s you trim and rearrange a bunch of separate videos quickly and easily. It also has in-built social sharing for one-click export to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The basic version of Clips is free for iPhone and iPad with an optional Pro upgrade available in-app for AU$6.49.

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